Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn

Even though my roots lie in Connecticut, I went all the way to the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated in 1987 with a major in Optical Finishing Technology.  In 1992 I obtained my ABO Certification, and 22 years later, obtained NCLE Certification and for over 30 years I have worked in Optical Labs all up and down the East coast, from Rochester, NY, and then Boca Raton, FL and to Boston, MA.  At lastly, I moved to Saint Augustine, FL which is ranked 4th in the Top 5 for the large population of Deaf/hard of hearing people living at.

For a short time, I took a hiatus from the Optical business to work in the Video Relay Service, where I would become a regional manager handling territories all throughout the Southeast US.  Even though I received top honors and awards in sales and customer service; my heart brought me back to the profession I began almost 3 decades earlier.  In 2010, I returned to the optical field, which has always been my passion. To ensure that I was keeping up with the latest in optical technology, I became a fully licensed optician in Massachusetts. In Spring 2018, I obtained a Florida license after I’ve decided to live at Saint Augustine.

My dream was finally realized when I opened my own company, Dunn Rite Optical, LLC April 1, 2016.  My goal is to provide the highest quality lenses and frames the market has offer as well as providing new insight to my clients on their own eye care and optical needs. I take a very holistic/artistic approach when providing these services, and I always make sure that my clients glasses not only look great and physically fit them to a tee, but also fit well into their lifestyle.

My clientele is a wide variety of people and I am most proud to be providing these services to the Deaf community as well, who are generally overlooked by the mainstream.  I am always inspired to hear from these clients on how previously there weren’t aware of this or that, but now felt finally their choices were explained in a clear concise manner.  To see these clients, make educated decisions on their eyecare is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

To serve these and all my clients is why I started Dunn Rite Optical and will be around for a very long time.